19 Nov 2014

A busy week...

I've not updated for a few days and I have found that I have missed my little debrief with my laptop at the end of the day.  Perhaps this is a sign that my sanity is finally seeing the effects of too many evenings on my own now?! I don't expect that this post will be overly exciting for anyone else to read, but I wanted to jot down our goings on regardless and it's an excuse to upload some piccies!

Tonight I am feeling slightly flat and have a massive case of brain freeze/head full of porridge feeling.  I blame a day with an extremely stroppy toddler (who threw extremely loud and embarrassing tantrums every time she had to be bent in half to get shoved into her pushchair or car seat) coupled with a spot of comfort eating after bedtime to make it all better.  But sadly I have thrown out all food that could even vaguely provide any form of comfort in my latest health craze, so in essence I have just wasted a binge on 'healthy-labelled' snacks, so zero satisfaction achieved!  On a positive, my part-time health drive did result in one of these for breakfast today.......despite appearances it was YUM!  

I also had a visit from my Dad and his partner, Jola, who did a superb job of entertaining Pippa and Thomas for me, so that was at least a couple of hours' relief from the tantrums!

Last week was a busy one.  We went to a new playgroup on Monday.  It's great to find more places that I can take both littlies to on non-nursery days, and even better, ones that don't require termly sign-ups.  As life has a habit of throwing me curb balls at the moment.....namely mundane, poo-or-vomit-just-as-you're-leaving-the-house related curb balls.....but nonetheless it's often difficult to guarantee you'll be able to make each and every class on a weekly basis.  So a pay as you go approach can be a God-send. 

They have lots of toys for a bit of free play for an hour or so, then a snack and a drink, followed by some more free play or an activity.  We normally have Pippa's swimming lessons on Monday afternoons but instead we met up with my cousin Laura and a friend Lucy, with her little girl Florence, for a birthday gathering for Laura. It was a lovely afternoon and I am very annoyed with myself that I didn't take any photos!

Tuesday we had Thomas' swimming lesson, followed by the usual coffee and brownie / baby feeding sesh in the cafe afterwards.  Thomas and I then went to a friend, Angharad's, house to do a bit of cheering up.  The poor family had all been struck down by a sickness bug that's been going around and so had a touch of cabin fever.  Thomas and I obliged by rocking up with an extremely bouncy and under-exercised Rufus and Angharad then made us lunch.....er that wasn't the plan! Sorry!  And again, I got home envy....Ang has carried off the duck-egg blue theme I strive for, but which I have yet to develop any further than this.......

.....does work in progress cut it?!

We had a lovely day on Wednesday, visiting an old Army neighbour with fellow Army-wife friends.  All our little ones are very closely aged and it was so sweet to see them have their own mini reunion! 


Photo op time.....!

Getting bored now.......



High fives! 

........aaaand a bit of Peppa Pig to wind down after the park!

Previously, every time I have returned back to an army patch to visit friends I have returned home on the verge of tears (definitely over the verge on some occassions!), however this time I was much more calm and collected.  The wonderful new friends I have been making are doing wonders to help me feel settled and not so lost without patch life.  But I do still miss it so much.  Husband is hopefully due to be posted to the area we visited on Wednesday, a place which has a reputation for an incredible social life and lots of young families about, so I know that I will feel extremely torn when the time comes for him to go and that Pippa, Thomas and I won't be following........but we shall cross that bridge when we come to it and all that!! 

Thomas and I spent a fab Thursday morning in the pub (standard) with fellow mummies, and again we were kindly invited back to one of the girls' houses for a cuppa afterwards.  Then back to nursery to collect Pippa.  A quiet day, but lots of therapeutic beverages and baby cuddles. Needless to say, not much housework done that day. 

Friday and the weekend warrant their own post as we had a very exciting trip to London to see friends. I was a wee bit anxious about driving into the big smoke with two children and a dog, let alone managing them all once there, but we had a fab time.  See here!  

The best part of this week though was the arrival of a new little cousin for Pippa. Baby Arlo arrived early on Saturday morning.  He is just perfect and we are all so happy to have another gorgeous little boy in the family!

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