9 Nov 2014

A weekend round-up in pictures

This weekend has been a busy one, with the Mini Market and visits to friends old and new. We also had a quick visit to Grandma and Grumps'.  Pippa was feeling a bit sorry for herself because of a bit of a lingering ear infection, but a cuddle from Grumps always works wonders.  The novel headgear helped too! 

After the market we went for 'kiddy supper' at my cousin Laura's house with another couple and their little boy, another Thomas.  Laura and her husband Ed are expecting their 2nd baby any day now so we were half expecting for the evening to be cancelled, but she's still hanging in there and also managed to make an amazing cottage pie for the children....how she does it all I do not know! 

I fully intended on taking a snap of the little ones chowing down on their pies but forgot.  Fail!

Today we went back to our old patch to have a delicious brunch with an old neighbour.  She has just had her 3rd baby and her husband is away on exercise with mine, so she is having a busy time of it! Her mother, who's been staying to help her out, very kindly created a super spread of croissants, pancakes, smoked salmon and scrambled eggs for us all.  Despite the rather solemn faces below all the children (well, just the weaned ones, obvs) very much enjoyed it and ate like little piglets! I haven't seen Pippa eat that much for a while!  (This is Pippa's 'camera face' at the moment....such a poser. Not.)

We then took Rufus for a rapid walk around our old go-to park, with the hope of getting Pippa and Thomas off to sleep.....it did work eventually!

We then went for a cuppa at new friends Emma and Paul's house.  We got to sample some delicious chocolate and pecan pie (I'm stealing that recipe Emma) and I did some good old house perving....they've had a lovely extension done and I got rather jealous!  I do love nosing around people's houses and getting ideas for my one-day-very-much-in-the-future-dream-house.  Although the down side is that I've subsequently spent most of the evening with a pad of scrap paper trying to figure out how we could extend our new house.  I have come to the conclusion that a) our plot is just too small and b) we can't afford it anyway.  So that was a productive evening!  God, I'm getting old and boring.

A highlight of the evening though was that Pippa actually ate supper!! Thank goodness as it was a rare, rare occassion when I had bothered to cook something 'proper'.   Excuse the funny faces!

And finally this weekend has cemented a new development.....Thomas has finally mastered thumb-sucking, much to Mummy's delight!  I have been using a dummy for him when he gets really revved up, especially if we're out in public, as he just goes from happy to screeeeeaaaming in seconds and it's the quickest way of settling him and I can then take it away again.  

But I really dislike dummies and have been hoping he'd find his fingers or thumb for weeks now, Pippa luckily found her fingers very early on and still sucks them now....I'm sure it saves at least a few full tantrums from developing.  Maybe.  There are definitely a good number slipping through the net at present though.

I had given up hope of Thomas following suit until he suddenly started thumb-sucking towards the end of last week: it's continued thus far so hopefully it's here to stay (in the short-term at least!).  As for how to stop them finger and thumb sucking later on in toddler-hood I have no idea, I'm naively hoping they'll do it on their own!

Well, after an extra long Downton Abbey episode this evening and then editing this beast of a post I'm yet again not going to get to bed before 11.30pm.  I am determined to get an early night at least once next week...it seems criminal that I am going to bed later now that Thomas has dropped his 10pm feed than I was before.  

I fear I'm slowly morphing into a bag-eyed, scruffy haired, wierdly-dressed wreck due to my late nights and hence then being 'too tired' (read lazy) to shower before bed, instead deciding that I'll just get up a bit earlier and do it in the morning.  Ha!  Inevitably, I get up far too late and so end up flinging myself and the family out of the door in a mad rush, wearing whatever comes to hand first and just taking a hairbrush and make-up bag in the car with me.  It is probably telling that Pippa now routinely says "Mummy, you doing your make-up now?" as soon as I turn the engine off at our destination.  Even worse that on the one occasion I smugly said "No darling, I've already done it", she firmly replied "No Mummy, need more make-up".  Brilliant.  Thanks darling.

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