27 Aug 2012

Two Weeks 'til D-Day!

As you probably know, we are expecting our first child within the next couple of weeks or so!  I'm afraid I shan't be one of those girls sharing all the grisly details of labour with a video diary of every contraction and swear word (my husband shall NOT be allowed south of my waist at any point and certainly with nothing possessing a lens!). 

However, I have certainly spent more than my fair share of time watching other girls' v-logs and reading many blogs and forums to glean all the advice and information I can get throughout pregnancy.  I am certainly someone who likes to know as much in advance as I can and find others' personal experiences far more insightful than most of the stuff you can read in books.  So, it is only fair I try and give something back!  

Time will tell what and how I decide to post on here but hopefully it can be of help or interest to someone. If just one person finds it helpful I shall be happy!

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