31 Aug 2012

An exciting delivery from the postman!

My TENS machine arrived!! I am really rather excited about this as I had been getting slightly concerned that the little one might consider arriving early and, God forbid, I should be anything less than totally prepared.  I'm hoping to spend as long at home as possible before going into the hospital, so hopefully this little purple fella will help me do that.  I've only heard good things about them but I will of course review its' performance after the event.  Watch this space!


  1. Don't let John near it. When I went into Labour with my first at midnight, Dave managed to break mine .... I was not a happy teaddy!!!!!

    1. Haha, I tried it out on him earlier today to make sure it was working. We were in hysterics as he lost all control in his arm! But, thankyou for the tip, I shall not let him near it once it's needed for real! x


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