30 Aug 2012

Model Beauty and Fashion Tips

I just stumbled upon this girl's blog.  I actually went to school with her sister and remember watching a documentary on the beginning of her model career yeeeaaaars ago, so was very excited to find her.  She's gorgeous, writes well and you get a mix of ANTM/BINTM (the Next Top Model Series') and health & style tips in one place! What more could you want in those moments of cosmetic crises?!

.....the end outcome may not be quite as gorgeous but hey, you can but try! 

Take a Look - Model Beauty and Fashion Tips @ A Model Recommends.


  1. Definitely gonna check her out! Thanks for the recommendation :) xx

    1. Great! She does awesome recipe vlogs too....not one to watch when you're really hungry and only have cereal in the house though!
      Lulu x

    2. PS. Love your blog Orla, going to follow you for sure! Also, the Shabby Blogs link is amazing. Definitely going to check that out!
      Lulu x

  2. I love A Model Recommends :) she is amazing! Thank you for stopping by my blog :) means a lot!

    Hope we can follow each other:)


    Keep in touch!


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