4 Apr 2015

Someone's swapped my baby

I've always been very fortunate that Thomas and Pippa have both slept really well at night. And now that they share a room in our new house I have been so thankful that they've continued to do so.  But the last two nights Thomas has decided that, between the hours of 7 and 11, sleep is soooo overrated. 

He is sitting on the sofa next to me as I type, watching The Voice and just "ba ba ba-ing" and giggling whenever I look at him.  Very happy and full of the joys of spring....yet as soon as I open his bedroom door the tears start.  Hmmm...someone has taken my baby and swapped him with an adorable, manipulative little rat bag. 

This is most un-conducive to mummy and daddy's social lives.....how are we meant to swan off on date nights and dinner parties now?!  Last night he joined in a dinner party with our neighbours, had a great time on a playmat whilst Daddy sampled the whisky collection.  Good parenting!

Well, let's hope he deigns to concede to bedtime soon, as mummy has lots of cooking to do in the morning, ready for a big family Easter Sunday lunch tomorrow. And a tired mummy makes for a lot of bad language in the kitchen and a very noisy smoke alarm. 

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