4 Apr 2015

Back on the horse...

Today I packaged and delivered my first commission since Thomas was born.  It felt good to get back to the pencils and put a little spending money into my account.  However, the work flow is slightly different now.....snatching a few minutes here and there during naps, in the evenings and whilst 'the circle of neglect' and 'the square nanny' are employed. 

But I've certainly got a taste back of how it might be one day.....hours and hours to myself, in a proper studio, with all my materials around me, a coffee machine in the corner and non-nursery rhymes blaring out. Yeah right. 

In the mean time I shall make do with the kitchen table and propping my drawing board up on the fruit bowl. 

Here's Ellie, a sweet girl who sadly departed last year. So it was a lovely but emotional hand over to my customer this afternoon. 

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