2 Apr 2015

It's too late.....

......see! I reeled you in with a catchy title, only to reveal that I'm officially the most useless blogger and my title actually just refers to the lateness of the hour and hence my lack of inspiration.  How disappointingly dull.  Apologies. 

Try as I may I can't seem to come up with an interesting post to tie in with what I've been up to the last few days.....so pictures will have to do. Mainly pictures of my darling sprogs....I vow to start actually writing some thought provoking and witty stuff soon.  Potentially.  Meh. 

On Monday Husband and I went out for a date night. The first for a verrrry long time! We had a delicious supper at a nearby pub, The Fox Inn at Tangley. It specialises in Thai food, so I was in heaven.  We then went to the cinema and saw Insurgent: perfect, easy watching, with no concentration or particular thought processes required. Here's a rather boring photo of our Thai curries, afraid it's the only one I took of the evening. But they were scrummy!

This morning we went to our friends' farm to see some lambs which had just been born (Pippa got a tad confused and thought we were going to see some llamas, I don't think she was too disappointed!). We also saw ponies and went to watch a steam train passing through ( I only video'd that and haven't worked out how to upload videos yet, useless!).

Pippy helped Daddy (who's on leave for a couple of weeks) do some gardening in the afternoon whilst Mummy and Thomas went to the bright lights of town....(ie met some fellow mummies for a coffee and found an excuse to nip into Waitrose). 

Then lastly some sweet pics of bathtime..... 

Oh and one final pic....this is how I spent my evening.....(very busy procrastinating over laundry, housework, blogging, commissions and admin.  Procrastination takes commitment and hard work, honest). It's Easter after all!

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