13 Mar 2013

Pip and her pals

Pippy's baby sensory classes are coming to an end for the current term.  But Mummy has duly signed up for the first half of next term so have no fear! 

The babies get to lie on nice cosy sheepskin whilst all the crazy lights, noises,
activities and songs go on about them.

Half way through the class we get to explore the toys at
the other end of the room.......possibly not what a baby
walker was intended for!?

Hanging out with my friend in the beanbag pit,
two Philippa's together!

Tummytime competition!

It all gets rather tiring though and Pippa
has usually resorted to her fingers by the end
of the second half.

I've mentioned before how incredibly lucky we've been that 6 of our neighbours have had babies within a couple of months of us.  So Pippa has had lots of lovely playmates just a couple of doors away!!

And similarly, 3 of my gorgeous cousins have also had their babies within 6 months of Pippa's arrival. This lovely lady and Pippa are only just under a month apart.  I am so excited for them all to grow up together.

As Pippa gets older and interacts more and more with everyone around her, the more I love seeing her with other babies.  I am so looking forward to watching her make lots of little friends in the future! 

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