12 Mar 2013

Our first performance...tra la laaa!

On Wednesday evenings I have been going along to our Military Wives' Choir rehearsals.  We've only been going for about 7 or 8 weeks and we are definitely still in our infancy, with a core group of about 9 who come every week and then up to 5 or 6 more girls who come as and when they can.  

We salute you Gareth....come and visit soon!
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Our choir master / conductor / musical director (I think Musical Director is the official term) is very good at promoting us and signed us up to perform at a church service last week.  It was a pre-deployment service, so it was rather an emotional time for the 80 or 90-odd troops and their families attending.  We all thought is was a really great idea and were very honoured to be able to do it....that is until the time got nearer and nearer.  Eeeek!

Dressed in black (cue the dusty, scruffy old ballet pumps dragged out from the back of my wardrobe...the only black shoes I own which aren't high heels) a grand total of 9 of us turned up at the church. After some last minute guidance from our MD, Colleen, we shuffle nervously into the choir stalls and giggle to each other like naughty school girls.  Bottles of water and Coke are lined up by our feet and we are very thankful that we have a couple of hymns to warm us up before our performance. 

Colleen, for some reason has a bee in her bonnet about standing up on stage or by the choir stalls to conduct for us.  So she instead chose to stand in the congregation squeezed up next to a pillar and conduct from her hip, so as to remain incognito.  I did jest at one rehearsal that perhaps she was rather more nervous about our first outing than she was letting on, and that if she hid she could then deny any association with us if we mucked up.  She insisted this was not the case, but I'm not so sure!  Surely you can't have an MD with stage fright?!  She's a bit of a legend so we need to cure her of that one.

Regardless, it went very well and I think we were all very glad it was over but also very proud of our achievement.  Our next rehearsal is tomorrow night so I am hoping that our little sing-song may have enticed some more military wives/relations out of the woodwork. 

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